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Meter maids take meter feeder "Robin Hoods" to State Supreme Court in New Hampshire, because city is losing ticket revenue

For years, groups of Keene residents known as “Robin Hooders” have walked the streets filling expired parking meters with their own money, in order to save people from getting parking tickets.

Occasionally, when they encounter an angry parking enforcer, they are prepared to film the situation with their smart phones.

When the Robin Hooders come across a car that already has a ticket on it, they will place some information on the person’s windshield, which provides tips on how to beat the ticket in court.

Robin Hood activist and radio show host Ian Freeman estimates that they prevented at least 8,000 tickets in 2013, saving Keene motorists an estimated $80,000 in that year alone. These savings have not gone unnoticed by the local government, who have become concerned about the revenue that they are missing out on.

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/activists-face-supreme-court-ruling-paying-parking-meters-saving-motorists-80000/#WAs8JECMIOoz4JzP.99

"...TO PROTECT THE ECONOMIC INTEREST OF THE CITY" quote of the city attorney when stating his case int he supreme court of New Hampshire


Ruxton, the car with the Woodlite headlights, the colorful stripes, and front wheel drive. Only 96 made, by Hupp and Kissel

Launched in 1929, the Ruxton automobile had a short but fascinating live. The driving force behind the car was notorious stock broker Archie Andrews, who recognised the potential of a front-wheel drive prototype being readied in the experimental department of the Edward G. Budd Company of which he was a major shareholder and board member.

The car itself had been designed by William J. Muller and featured a novel front-wheel drive system, which allowed the car to be significantly lower than its contemporaries. By manipulating stock and strong-arming Edward G. Budd, Andrews seized control of the project. In an attempt to secure additional funding from William Ruxton, Andrews dubbed the new front-wheel drive car the Ruxton. Even though the plan backfired, the name was retained.

In addition to the pioneering front-wheel drive layout, the early Ruxtons also grabbed the attention through the striking striped colour scheme designed by artist Joseph Urban. Andrews himself had no manufacturing capability and as a result the cars were built by others, including Hupp and Kissel. The stock market crash late in 1929 could not have come at a worse time, killing the demand for luxury cars. Production ceased the following year by which time only 96 were built, only 15 of which had been delivered to clients. Of the surviving cars, no fewer than 16 lined up at Pebble Beach this year as a testament to the design brilliance of William J. Muller and the blind ambition of Archie Andrews.

Found on http://www.ultimatecarpage.com/event/340/2014-Pebble-Beach-Concours-d-Elegance.html

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still running with a Sun Tach... that's style

Dual quads are always an eye magnet

331 Hemi. Ran when parked. Slight miss in number 7 cylinder...

1905, Mercedes, Napier, Thomas.

incredible skill and luck pulls off a perfect cornering manuever

if this isn't a fake video, it's an OMG moment of a drunk cop pulling people over. Whoa....