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What is is the Donuts? Or is it 'roid rage? Cops busted, laughing and ‘Fistbumping’ as they beat a handcuffed nurse over using her cell phone while driving.

Proof that body cameras need to be used in LAPD

On Aug. 21 2012 , registered nurse Michelle Jordan was pulled over for holding her cellphone while driving. She got out of the car and did not comply with an officer's demand to get back in the vehicle. The 5-foot-4-inch woman was slammed to the ground and handcuffed by at least one officer. While being led to the patrol car, an officer slammed her to the ground again.

The incident was captured by a surveillance camera at a nearby restaurant.

The officers involved were removed from patrol duty pending an investigation, and their supervising captain was transferred. Beck said the videotape raised serious concerns and ordered it shown at officer roll calls throughout the department.

In one incident, Alesia Thomas died in a squad car July 22 after struggling with officers trying to arrest her on suspicion of child endangerment.

During the struggle to get Thomas into the patrol car, a female officer was captured by the car's video camera threatening to kick Thomas in the groin if she did not obey, and then she made good on the threat. A short while later, Thomas stopped breathing. The coroner has not determined what caused her death.

In a third incident, college student Ronald Weekley Jr. was stopped Aug. 18 by officers for riding his skateboard on the wrong side of the street. A bystander's cellphone video appears to show that an officer punched the 20-year-old in the face while he was on the ground being handcuffed with four officers on top of him. He said he suffered a broken nose and cheekbone.

Weekley was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest. Police have launched an internal investigation to determine whether excessive force was used, but the officers involved remain on duty. "These are unarmed, handcuffed suspects. It's a disturbing, growing trend of police brutality throughout Southern California," said Najee Ali, of the South Los Angeles civil rights group Project Islamic Hope.

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