12 Eylül 2014 Cuma

crowd funding a train restoration

In 1903 the North Eastern Railway developed a train that challenged steam, and is the forerunner of modern trains.They are engineering to make it environmentally friendly in terms of economy, emissions and noise thanks to a new Cummins engine that has been adapted to run the old motors.

 Called the ‘autocar’ it was powered by a petrol engine supplying electricity to electric motors. In 1930 it was withdrawn from service and the body became a holiday home in Yorkshire. Rescued ten years ago, restoration is well underway thanks to the support of Heritage Lottery Fund and other grants.

Found on http://www.electricautocar.co.uk/  and  http://www.getnews.info/turn-of-century-british-traincar-to-roll-again-with-help-from-crowdsourced-funding_6170.html

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