9 Eylül 2014 Salı

Ferrari stuck it's PR foot in it's mouth, all over the internet... when they gave some celeb a cease a desist about the vinyl wrap on his 458... and Nissan jumped on the opportunity to exploit the free publicity machine, and punk Ferrari at the same time

Nissan has taken an opportunity to punk Ferrari by wrapping a GT-R for Ddeadmau5, who recently created one of the most iconic Ferrari 458s in the world by wrapping it in Nyan Cat colours and then was hit with a cease and desist letter from Ferrari lawyers, after his 'Purrari' 458 -- wrapped in a Nyan Cat theme -- was run in the Gumball 3000... at least, somewhat. He was banned from driving in France, literally escorted into a police van and driven to the border.

Allegedly, Ferrari wasn’t too happy with the house artist’s rainbow-pooping image choices, and sent the musician a cease and desist letter. Ferrari’s official claim was that the ‘Purrari’s’ bespoke nameplates weren’t appropriate trademarks. 

 "Yeah it was mostly about the custom floor matts and the custom purrari badges," he noted in a Twitter post. “I wonder if the jackass lawyer at @FerrariUSA who sent us a “cease and desist” letter over the purrari is un-butthurt now that I unwrapped. Whatever. It's just a normal ass 458 now. All good."

 Seeing an opportunity in the controversy, Nissan posted a picture of a GT-R featuring a similar wrap inspired by the Nyan Cat meme. "Hey @deadmau5, heard what happened to your car," the company quipped. "Good news? We found a replacement, ready right meow." From http://www.leftlanenews.com/nissan-wraps-a-gtr-for-deadmau5-after-ferrari-threatens-to-sue.html


It's not what you can do, or have made, not always.... sometimes it's taking an available opportunity to one up the pretentious over priced competition who has made an ass of themselves

image from http://jalopnik.com/ferrari-sent-deadmau5-a-cease-and-desist-about-his-purr-1627640534

from http://cars.uk.msn.com/news/deadmau5-nyan-cat-ferrari-458-spider-for-sale-at-%C2%A3200k

update Sept 11th, the Ferrari got sold and he bought a McClaren 650 http://www.magneticmag.com/2014/09/deadmau5-reveals-meowclaren-signs-uber-driver/

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