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the Switch Pitch Super Turbine 300 and 400

The vanes in the torque converter are adjustable with the flip of a 12volt switch.

These have a special fluid pump, input shaft and torque converter. When the trans is in "normal", low stall mode, the pump and vanes work like a typical, stock converter with a 1800rpm stall. When 12 volts is applied to the pumps servo, some of the fluid is redirected through a hole in the center of the trans input shaft, into the converter. The vanes in the torque converter are mounted on pivots with a cam type level attached to each vane. The fluid acts with another servo in the converter to change the pitch of the vanes, increasing the stall speed to 2200rpm. You basically have a converter with a street stall or a race stall,with the flip of a switch!

A variable-pitch stator transmission called Switch-Pitch by Buick and Variable Vane by Olds. 1964-1967. The stator blades moved from high to low position by an electrical solenoid and a stator valve, controlled by a switch on the throttle linkage. At light to medium throttle, the stator blades were at 32°, providing a torque multiplication of 1.8:1 and a converter stall speed of approximately 1800 rpm. At ⅔ to full throttle, the blades switched to the 51° high position, giving torque multiplication of 2.45:1 and a stall speed of approximately 2300 rpm. The blades were also set to the high position at idle to limit creep when stopped in Drive. The variable-pitch stator was eliminated after 1967. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Turbine_300

the 400 was made from 1965 -67. http://www.442.com/oldsfaq/oftsp.htm

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