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A car museum is set to open near Portland Oregon in April 2015... The World Of Speed

In an 80,000 sq foot former car dealership, this car museum and educational interactive auto enthusiast destination is planning to help spur auto shop in local high schools, and is already sponsoring the local Woodburn Jr Drag Racing series.

"That said, the real purpose of World of Speed is to provide an experiential environment in which young people can explore the exciting world of motorsports and the career opportunities it offers. If America is to retain its world leadership roll, we need mechanics and engineers—Honda and Toyota say 100,000 now—yet our schools have all but abandoned auto shop. World of Speed is dedicated to addressing that need." http://worldofspeed.org/news/

It will encompass many aspects of motorsports including drag racing and road racing, land speed racing, motorcycle racing, as well as open wheel and NASCAR.

 Where possible it will tell the story of local tracks including Jantzen Beach and Portland International Raceway and local racers such as the legendary Indianapolis racecar builder Rolla Vollstedt.

 Through interactive exhibits and hands-on activities, World of Speed will offer visitors a behind-the-scenes view of the world of racing. Programming and activities will expose young people to the opportunities available in the auto industry, and to help educate them to enter the workforce or advance to specialized education.

 For example, Ford Motor Company recently donated a Mustang to World of Speed that will be reconfigured into a hands-on display to showcase how a car is constructed, what materials are used and how materials are recycled. A real Indy car will function as a simulator for fans of all ages, while a car formerly raced by Danica Patrick should appeal to female visitors.


World of Speed’s mission is to serve a wide range of audiences through varied, interdisciplinary educational programs, integrating the study of history, art, culture, science and technology to appeal to all ages, backgrounds, and interests. World of Speed aims to build the community by being an educational resource for local schools, institutions, organizations and groups, facilitating life-long learning, growth, and a lasting relationship between these public groups and World of Speed.

The Greater Need

World of Speed will do that with historic racecars and numerous interactive exhibits that excite and inspire young people to explore career opportunities in the auto industry. The industry employs nearly 2 million people but impacts about 8 million jobs - everything from designing the exterior and interiors of vehicles to, well, tightening lug nuts at the assembly plant.

Beyond the auto industry, there's a sub set of people working in the performance aftermarket and racing industry that the Specialty Equipment Market Association says is worth $30 billion annually. There are many career opportunities here that few know about: everything from the chef who cooks the race team’s food to the marketing and PR person who tells the world how the team did. In between there are a myriad of jobs from actual vehicle fabrication to the guys tightening the lug nuts at the track. A typical professional NASCAR team might employ 140 people - jobs for the boys, and girls.

World of Speed’s goal will be to expose young people to the opportunities, educate them to a level where they can either enter the work force or go on to more specialized further education and give them a fun and exciting environment in which to learn.  http://worldofspeed.org/education/

As envisioned, it will house and display more than 100 vehicles, a workshop and space for educational activities. World of Speed’s collection includes race and performance cars from NASCAR, land speed racing, drag racing, open wheel, sports cars and motorcycles. It will include classic American muscle cars, historic race cars and race cars with a Pacific Northwest connection.

For Thacker, the venture is about educating the public about the value of the automobile to American culture. In addition, a more practical side of that equation also will be emphasized.

“Vocational education has all but disappeared from our schools at a time when the auto industry needs designers, engineers and mechanics more than ever,” said Thacker, who has the backing of the Marie Landform Charitable Foundation, according to documents submitted to the city of Wilsonville. “Oregon is the perfect location to attract and inspire young people to explore the array of promising careers in a very dynamic and popular industry.”  http://portlandtribune.com/pt/9-news/158468-museum-to-bring-the-exotic-to-wilsonville

The building will feature more than 100 vehicles, including cars from the likes of such famous racers as NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and off-road racer Mickey Thompson, said Tony Thacker, the executive director of the museum.

The exhibit will also showcase motorcycles, sports cars, American muscle cars and racecars with a tie to the Pacific Northwest, including the Formula Atlantic car Patrick drove several years ago fit with an engine built in Portland. Many of the cars – Patrick's included – will be open for visitors to sit in and explore up close.

"It's a car you can touch and feel and get an experience of what a real race car is like," Thacker said. "In most car museums, you're not allowed to touch or sit in the cars."

One of the purposes of creating an interactive exhibit is to give visitors a chance to learn about the auto industry, he said. In addition to a 45,000 square-foot display area, the building will house classrooms and a shop where visitors can observe mechanics and participate in workshops on trades, like welding and painting.  http://www.oregonlive.com/wilsonville/index.ssf/2013/08/wilsonville_prepares_to_welcom.html

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