7 Ekim 2014 Salı

There is something in the coffee or the donuts in the police dept break room in Indiana

FOX 32 News Chicago

Seems like the cops aren't going to take no for an answer, and until their police depts are bankrupted by lawsuits and out of court settlements, they aren't going to change their minds on excessive force, conduct unbecoming, etc.

The most heinous statement? The cops saying that the passenger had to exit the vehicle for the safety of the police. THE WHAT? And charged the passenger with "refusal to aid an officer" TO WHAT? Aid an officer? They TASED him, and it was because he wasn't being helpful?

Remember,  record every police interaction, as they aren't going to get busted without your evidence of their behavior. They have no integrity to police themselves, no honorable intent to act lawfully and professionally, and they will accuse you of NOT HELPING THEM! https://www.facebook.com/policethepoliceACP

Possible solution? Get a law passed in each state, and the federal govt, requiring that cops get malpractice insurance. it won't be long before they can't afford to assault people anymore, and are removed from the police force. Then they get to behave the same way and get tossed in jail. 

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