14 Ekim 2014 Salı

An ol friend of mine has gotten down to the wire in a voting war to win an invitation to the Goodguys Southwest Nationals showdown against Craftsman's Comet.. could you help him out with a vote or two?

Mike is the Mustang owner, and part of the Hotchkis Team... and recently completed 20+ years as the manager of the Miramar Auto Hobby Shop, which was Navy when I was stationed there, and then the base switched to Marines... I can tell you first hand he's helped a hell of a lot of sailors and marines out by giving them hands on mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and every other kind of help with their cars and trucks.

Now the small pain in the ass is that we have to register to vote, and of course, that involves giving your email to Sears, (and making up a password... I use PASSword123! for all bullshit things like this) but you can opt out of all the bullshit, and then you have to verify it. Typical corporate crap. But Mike needs some more votes, and right after this contest is over, we can unsubscribe and delete ourselves from the Sears database.

click on https://club.craftsman.com/community/#!/madetorace/ to vote

You can vote very easily once you're registered, fast clicking on the "vote" box results in up to 10 votes at a time, and clicking on the link https://club.craftsman.com/community/#!/madetorace/challenge brings you right to the Vote page, without signing back in... and you can vote more every day by clearing your cookies,  and voting again.

Nothing in the contest says you can't vote like mad every day, as Smokey Yunick might do


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