17 Ekim 2014 Cuma

Meter maids take meter feeder "Robin Hoods" to State Supreme Court in New Hampshire, because city is losing ticket revenue

For years, groups of Keene residents known as “Robin Hooders” have walked the streets filling expired parking meters with their own money, in order to save people from getting parking tickets.

Occasionally, when they encounter an angry parking enforcer, they are prepared to film the situation with their smart phones.

When the Robin Hooders come across a car that already has a ticket on it, they will place some information on the person’s windshield, which provides tips on how to beat the ticket in court.

Robin Hood activist and radio show host Ian Freeman estimates that they prevented at least 8,000 tickets in 2013, saving Keene motorists an estimated $80,000 in that year alone. These savings have not gone unnoticed by the local government, who have become concerned about the revenue that they are missing out on.

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/activists-face-supreme-court-ruling-paying-parking-meters-saving-motorists-80000/#WAs8JECMIOoz4JzP.99

"...TO PROTECT THE ECONOMIC INTEREST OF THE CITY" quote of the city attorney when stating his case int he supreme court of New Hampshire


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