5 Ekim 2014 Pazar

Fun Jay Leno story from Autoweek, Aug 18th 2014 issue

"I've always liked working on cars. As a kid, I worked for a Ford dealer and at Foreign Motors of Boston. I was not a mechanic. I did new car prep and what we called 'odometer recalibration' on used cars.
One time a guy brought in a '64 Chevy he wanted to trade. The Chevy had 88,000 miles on it. We took his car out back, hooked up the electric drill--- weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!! we spun the odometer backwards to 15,000. Happened all the time. I was walking tot he used car lot when the guy comes out of the dealership saying "I can't make a deal these people. Give me my car back.
The salesman says "But, but..."
"Give me my car back." He drives off in his car. Half hour later he comes back with a huge smile on his face. Now his car has 15,000 miles on it. He got the deal he wanted."

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