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how to get unlimited free publicity, and make sure drivers look out for bicyclists... just mistakenly design your suit to appear flesh toned across the crotch

Photo from http://1clicknews.com/colombian-womens-cycling-team-refuse-to-stop-wearing-flesh-coloured-kit/

The Colombian women’s cycling team (IDRD-Bogota Humana-San Mateo-Solgar riders) are not ‘ashamed’ of their new flesh-coloured uniform despite being criticized by the International Cycling Union. The team, who sport a uniform which appears flesh-coloured between the stomach and thigh area, have defended their new kit at a press conference in Bogota, Italy.

Brian Cookson, the president of the International Cycling Union, called the uniforms 'unacceptable by any standard of decency'. He's obviously an idiotic prude who isn't familiar with what words mean. The words of his I refer to are "decency" and "standard".

Colombia's national cycling program, "Ultimo Kilometro," was indignant at the controversy, posting side-by-side photos of the female riders in the now infamous uniforms and one of a male team wearing uniforms made almost entirely of the same flesh-colored fabric.

the flesh color isn't anything other than a symbol of the teams sponsor, a vitamin and supplement company with a gold colored label

From http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2760647/As-woman-I-wouldnt-ashamed-kind-design-Colombian-womens-cycling-team-refuse-stop-wearing-bizarre-flesh-coloured-kit.html#v-3785230578001

 the only indecency is in the mind of the puritanical idiots that have a problem with tan colored spandex. The same people have no trouble with mens being the same color. Double standard? yes.

and here is a very clear sexist double standard, the mens and womens spandex of the same sponsor, the Footon Servetto Fuji 2010 squad

 or tightly profiling to the limit of immodesty, and indicating who is and isn't circumcised.. but the prude victorian jackasses didn't raise an eyebrow at anything, until trying to shame the womens team.

these two images from http://singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/team-kit-blimey/page/2

So, Brian Cookson, International Cycling Union president, go soak your head, until you learn decency, and equal treatment for women, you friggen snob

For a good interview with the suit designer of the Colombian team: http://www.cyclinginquisition.com/2014/09/an-interview-with-angie-tatiana-rojas.html

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