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the drift trike Local Motors made

Local Motors now produces an electric version of its standard Verrado drift trike. Many of the parts are carried over, including the BMW fork, sexy steel-tube body, and go-kart-style rear tires wrapped in 10-inch PVC sleeves, which allow the trike’s rear end to break loose easily. The standard Verrardo needs a hill (or a buddy with a truck and a tow strap) to function, but the electric Verrado doesn’t.

Powered by a 1000-watt motor on the hub of the front wheel, the electric Verrado will get up to about 20 mph. A motorcycle-style twist throttle on the handlebar controls your speed. The lithium-ion battery pack mounted to the rear axle gives you about 45 minutes of riding time after a three-hour charge. Since the electric Verraro is front-wheel-drive, its PVC-wrapped rear wheels have little effect on the trike’s traction (until you want them to, that is)

$600 without the electric motor, $1700 with


Found on http://www.automobilemag.com/features/news/1407-gear-local-motors-electric-drift-trike/

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