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things I didn't know about Volvo, but thanks to CarCrushing.com, I do now

Company founders created Volvo as a separate company within Swedish ball bearing manufacturer SKF in 1915, but wouldn’t begin building cars for another 12-years. In Latin, Volvo translates to “I roll,” which totally makes sense in the context of a ball bearing manufacturer.

the first symbol Volvo adopted was the one we now know as "male" but was formerly known as Iron.

Also, they were the first to establish a factory in North America, at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1958. Like Volvo’s home country of Sweden, Canada is a very cold place with lots of snow. Volvo became known for building cars that performed in well colder climates, the tax incentive offered by Nova Scotia helped too.

Volvo made the 3 point seatbelt, but in order to serve mankind as it is inherently intended to do, Volvo did not hold the patent, but instead shared the development with all car makers, and it's one of the most significant safety innovations in auto history.

Volvo has made the car (P1800) with the most mileage, which had a good bit of publicity in the last couple years: http://www.autoblog.com/2013/09/18/irv-gordons-volvo-p1800-has-hit-3-million-miles/

the Volvo Caresto T6 was a one off prototype/concept that is so incredible Hot Rod Magazine named it the Hot Rod of the Year, 2004

image from http://www.autoblog.com/2011/08/26/ebay-find-of-the-day-caresto-t6-roadster-2004-hot-rod-of-the-y/#continued

Just a few cool things from http://www.carcrushing.com/13-things-didnt-know-volvo/

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